Pockets of Hope, Rainbows

It only makes sense. If you’ve read the last blog, then you know how I feel about our environment. If you’ve watched the “11th Hour”, then I would think you have a pretty good idea as far was what kind of perspective I’m in.


As far as Humans go, we have a due diligence and a debt to pay. Part of what we need to pay back, is the space we’ve taken. There’s too many of us! We are only killing ourselves at the rate we’re going. The richer our corporations get, the more people they hire, the more coal and oil we burn, the faster we die. Plain. And. Simple.


Our health risks only increase as our population increases. Things like asthma, calcium-deficiencies, mental illness, STDs, depression, and more have only gotten worse and worse, and thats after taking into consideration that our population numbers have increased!


How does LGBT play a role in all of this?


Simply talking about the over-population of the planet? We for the most part do not reproduce. Instead, we open our arms to children who need a better life. We still give back to our kind and to humanity, yet we are not increasing the already astronomical numbers of our race. There have been increasing numbers in our community. We play a more active role in our society, and constantly make people more and more aware of our presence and importance.


I’m not saying that the gays are here to save the world, although the idea of that sounds so exciting…. but I know that its not just coincidence that I am gay, and that I am here on this planet in this time. I am here with purpose, and I will not let that go to waste.

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