Pockets of Sunlight

I’ve recently watched a documentary, titled ‘The 11th Hour”. It was shown in my Earth Systems class at school, and I was so impressed, and it was such an eye-opener, that I watched it again at home.

A term used in this video that just STRUCK me, and just puts so much into perspective, is “Current Sunlight”. Watching the video, it is explained that when we as a society use fossil fuels to power our cities and create our food and homes and clothing, we are not doing this with what is truly ours.

When we burn fossil fuels, we are using little, tucked-away ‘pockets of sunlight’ to accelerate our population. In doing this, we are breaking carbon-bonds that are not intended to be broken down, at least not so soon. This carbon-breaking just has a butterfly effect on the rest of the planet.

Roughly quoting this movie, “Mankind once lived on current sunlight. Man did not consume more sunlight or energy in a year’s time than what came in a year.”

That right there makes me stop and think…. about my parents. My parents have recently made some fairly radical changes to how they live financially. My Dad loves to say, “if you don’t have the money for it now, then you can’t buy it now”. They no longer finance anything. Why would you? Debt only grows, it never truly shrinks. And right now, our species and population has a huge, growing debt. And that debt involves our carbon footprint, our borrowed sunlight, and due diligence to our planet- our home.

We are such a great race of species. We’re intelligent for sure, we’re kind deep-down, we have a general desire of not only self-preservation, but overall preservation of others. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t have non-profit organizations on a global scale, or libraries of animal DNA in archive. We have become a bit more Green-conscious. We have renewable sources of energy, we have electric cars coming out, solar panels for homes, and water conservation efforts….

But its not enough. We are in debt, BAD debt. And we need to start paying back.

Mother Nature is one BITCH of a debt-collector, if you haven’t noticed…

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