Google Docs, to the planet’s rescue

Something I’ve always dreamed of has happened: I can throw away my pack-ratted stacks of meaningful/meaningless papers, documents, receipts, bills, invoices, tax returns….


OMG do you realize how relieving it is to be able to just pitch it all?? its crazy. If you’re like me at all, you hold on to these things. Why? because WHAT IF that day comes when you need it. Like WHAT IF the government loses your 1943 tax return? WHAT IF you actually want to use your extra money for the charged-off credit card from 4 years ago and make those debt collectors go for good?? (maybe thats just me…)


But we hold on to these things, sometimes for sentimental reasons, sometimes for the sake of being a responsible adult.


Google Docs is my hero. I can scan anything and everything. And I do. well, the stuff that is important, and what would normally be added to ‘the pile’. Why, do you ask, is this so incredible? One, the heavy weight of ‘what ifs’ is gone. Two, the heavy weight of carrying this crap from one apt to the next is gone. Three, I can get my docs printed, emailed or whatever, from where ever. I’ve officially decided that the Google Servers will NEVER. EVER, Go down. If anything, they will take over the world like Skynet from Terminator.


But in the meantime, I trust that my information, and my docs are safe. good bye endless piles of folders. hello virtual filing cabinet 🙂


I also will download receipts now, you know when you pay something online and its like ‘print this page for your records’? Yeah i never ever did that. Now i just download the thing, and reupload it to my docs. Its perfect. Saving the world. Google Style.

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