Minimalist. One who believes in or seeks a minimal state; one who seeks to minimize or reduce to a minimum; Believing in or seeking a minimal state; seeking to minimize or reduce to a minimum.

Artwork, music, fashion, and every other channel of creativity contain some form of minimalism. Minimalism is a wonderful concept: if you dont have anything, or think anything, or feel anything, then you are actually perfect- you have found happiness by not finding emotion at all; you have found death and life in harmony. Now, I don’t believe such a thing. To not have any emotion, posses nothing, or feel nothing while living- that is worse than being dead. However, just like we compare contrast to black and white, we have to understand the extremes, before we can properly measure something. 

To this day, I still follow the words of my father, ‘Everything in moderation’. There is a perfect balance that can be obtained, and that balance is where you can find happiness. When you try to cover something up, then you are a coward; not facing your problems. Should you face other people’s problems, you are a bully. Eating when sad makes you fat. Eating nothing makes you anorexic. Holding no worldly possessions makes you a bum. Having too many things makes you greedy, or a hoarder- the list could go on and on. There is a balance somewhere between too much and too little with everything, and that is a big part of life for so many. Find the balance in your life. Find the happy medium, where you push your limits, without hurting yourself. Continue your journey of self-discovery in every avenue presented before you, and this is where you will find yourself living a robust and fulfilling life.

I myself am finding true happiness in not quite becoming vegetarian, but pescatarian. Surely, fish are treated just as poorly as land animals in the food industry, but I have a much ‘cleaner’ conscious about my diet and how it impacts the planet. I am finding that living minimally, with few worldly possessions is not only a much ‘cleaner’ feeling, but it encourages me to explore the world, with little to hold me in one place for too long. 

I’m finding that the internet is a wonderful replacement for me to ‘store’ my life. I can host my blogs, my findings, my friends, my files, my resumes, scans of tax returns, file my tax returns etc etc etc can all be done simply by having access to the internet. 

Lastly, I’m finding that focusing my personal attentions and time on taking care of these things in my life has given me a better respect and concern for myself. I am finding confidence in my own confidence, and feel my feelings stronger…

that probably sounds silly, but I dont care 


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