The Great Sunshine State of Florida.

hurl. I think i just tasted a little bit of my chipotle come back up… Most people that live here are transplants. Why is that? That is because we are the land of tourists, and we have a lot of beaches. That’s what happens when you are a country’s penis. The people that live here are as follows:

1) old and dying

2) are ‘Starting over’

3) are 2nd generation from options 1 and 2



and then there is one last category: me. I’m actually a 3rd generation of option 1 or 2. Most of the people I’ve met down here that are in my category, have been smart and moved to a place thats worth living in. Like San Francisco, new york, or another country.


Unfortunately, I am still stuck here. I have taken 21 years to learn more about myself, and my environment, and what i REALLY going on. There is a reason that I have not held much desire to maintain beautiful friendships with the people in my life. I must seem like such a judgmental asshole, but I’m sorry, I really don’t like associating myself with so many people that are so stupid, or have made such terrible choices in their lives….


I’m surrounded by trashy people who spend money on drugs and alcohol instead of groceries, who owe 10’s of thousands of dollars in child support, people who look at their high school diploma as their greatest accomplishment…


and yet here I am, having been so caught up in trying to be social with these people. Trying to figure out how to make friends and how to live my gay life. These last few years of being out on my own have been very eye-opening for me, but I feel like I should have spent this time being SO much more productive and positive for my life. It would be nice to be somewhere school-wise right now, to have a diploma in my near-future. Would be nice to simply have student loans that I owe, rather than debt-collectors and and eviction and charge-off accounts on my credit report..


I’d like to be going somewhere in life a lot faster than where I am now. But instead, I have an auto-accident insurance case to finish, and I have a lot of money that I owe before my credit report shapes up. I have 4 years of school before i meet my own personal, minimum of education, and I am still living… HERE.

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