May the bitch-slapping commence! The ultimate internal battle for you twinky nerds, I know what you’re going through. You will make a decision, I promise. In the meantime, you are still scouring every blog, forum, and phone carrier’s website for that last little tid-bit, that last piece of information that will tip you over the fence and into a decision.


Your inner battle continues….

iPhone. Sleek, sexy and Apple

Android. Affordable, customizable, available everywhere

iPhone. Sets the fabulous statement, regardless of being 3G, 3GS or 4

Android. For every iPhone release, there are 5 new handsets


Okay okay, I’ll cut to the chase- I picked Android. As much as the iPhone presents a tough case, arguably, Google knows their shit. They have mastered the art of electronic communication, they have revolutionized online indexing, and with every new product they continue to shape how the world views information sharing. Apple has a long way to go before they can reach Google’s level of product integration and online capacity.


The Nexus line up is where I ultimately chose. I have Sprint service, and I truly and dearly love some of their latest greatest, but I do not enjoy sifting through pre-loaded bloat-ware in my apps list. It’s like trying to find a pair of socks in your drawer, and your roommates’ are always in the way, but you can’t take them out of your drawer!


The Nexus S is a “Pure Google Experience” phone. In the past, most phone carriers purchased rights from phone manufacturers to load their own software, set network restrictions, etc on the handsets they purchase. With A Pure Google phone, you are working with the phone as it came out of the mold from Google’s manufacturer. The software on it is as Google intended it to be. Basically, you will not find your roommate’s sock in your App drawer with this kind of phone.



 The Nexus S also has NFC technology, (Near Field Communication), which allows for new ideas like Google Wallet to work. This one feature is truly a tipping point for me. I have not researched into TOO much depth, but based the lack of advertising and on what I have NOT read on other phone descriptions, it would appear that the Nexus S is the only phone sporting this technology. Google Wallet may very well be the first step in revolutionizing our payment system. From credit cards, to debit cards, gift cards, rewards cards, heck, even food stamps- suddenly a true wallet seems so heavy and useless!


We already talk, text, email, surf, play, shop, take pictures and video chat on our phones, why not pay with them too? Phones are not just ‘Phones’ anymore.

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