Google+ or FB???

Roses are red, violets are blue, Google+ is shiny and new- but how can i still be “Social” if EVERYONE is still on Facebook??


Easy. Simply connect your Google+ account to facebook- you can still post to your heart’s desire in one place, but still control who gets to see your posts!


When posting to Google+ now, I simply decide whether or not I want Facebook, as a whole, to be able to receive my post. Otherwise, i still just pick my circles I want to post to. It’s a great happy-medium, and it allows you to enjoy the privacy and control of Google+, but still be social with all of your Facebook friends!


So, how do you do this? Facebook has a tool that has been around for ages now- you can post updates directly to facebook, simply by sending an email to a unique email address, created by Facebook for you. You can add this email address as a Google+ contact and create a unique ‘circle’, which means that when you are updating your G+ status and picking your circles, you can quickly choose whether or not to post to facebook.


How to do this:

1) Navigate to Facebook’s Mobile Page

2) Find your unique email address

3) Navigate to Google+

4) Go to ‘Circles’

5) Click ‘Add a new person’, per below:

6) Add the unique FaceBook email address as a new contact by email

7) I recommend you ‘create new circle’ for this contact, and label the circle something to the effect of ‘Facebook Upload’ or ‘Google+Facebook’


There you have it! You have added your facebook’s unique email address as it’s own circle. When you go to post something on Google+, and you would like your Facebook friends to also receive the post, simply add the new facebook circle, and BE SURE TO CHECK THIS OPTION:

Otherwise, Facebook will not get your post.



Feel free to reach out to me with any questions! And comment below on how you liked this post 🙂


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