Idea for Google

Hi Google,


We know how hard you are working to get everyone modernized. But there are just so many people out there that are set in their ways, or they simply just do not know about any other way of dealing with information and data. You do though, and you have shown me a whole new world- a Google world, where everything I need for myself- whether it be pictures, or maps, or texting, or emailing, or communicating, or even important documents, even files- I now know that these things, and so much more can always be at my fingertips, instantly- waiting for me, organized and ever-safe in your servers. But there are those who have not learned of this, or have preset notions that this is not safe, or that you are trying to ‘steal’ their stuff…


I know this to not be true. I know that as a company, you will certainly use my information, to turn around and make ads more relevant and tailored to my own interests- you might help me discover artists, products, or websites that will really spark my interest- perhaps you will instill inspiration in me for a new path in life, like a new job or career…. I know that it will certainly make you money along the way, but its much better to look at things that are more appealing to me, than deal with ‘blind’ advertisers, and look at un-appealing ads…. You are connecting me as a consumer to the companies and artists and services that spark my interest and creativity, and I thank you for that!



Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


Personally, I think Picasa has some work to be done. The interface is a little confusing. And I am worried that things will become too cluttered. I cant really tell what has been uploaded to you, and what hasn’t. I’m also concerned that I may be uploading multiples of photos.


I am asking you to continue building on Picasa, the program/application. I want the interface to become just as simple and easy to use, as your other interfaces have been shaped to be.


But I would be very disappointed if you stopped there. I want to push you further. i want Picasa the application/program to become more than Picasa. Call it something really special, like THE Google app, or the Google Onboarder, or the Google Ship, or the Google Transporter- something that gives the program a ‘moving’ name. I want picasa, the program, to handle all of my files. Between my music, my photos, my documents, my personal home movies, my purchased/downloaded ‘hollywood’ movies, and my other digital property- i need some help. I have most of it figured out, and I’ve put a lot of trust in you. a lot of the things I’ve copied over to you, are no longer on my local hard disc. I rely on my personal computer and my android to be able to retrieve these items as i need them. However…


Even someone who is as technically inclined as i am could still use some help. It takes a LONG time to figure all this out, and get the hang of it. To be quite honest, if my stuff was already THERE and mostly organized, I’d feel much more “At Home” with you and with you having my things in your services. using your services would become much more second-nature. I wouldnt have to think as much when I get on and browse, upload, create, edit or send things.


But that’s just me, and I’m a bit more technically inclined than others. For someone who is not, or even just someone who really just has no time to sit in front of a computer to upload and organize their digital stuff with you, they need some SERIOUS HELP! A helping hand in the right direction.


Do us all a favor, PLEASE! Build something that has a truly magical experience when we use it. It’s gotta load/boot up quickly, it needs to recognize us and our things immediately. It needs to sort and organize our things, and it needs to serve a very simple, temporary purpose- to put people on google. Let’s organize and categorize- because that’s what you’ve built your enterprise on! Indexing and organizing! Organize our media, organize our documents, organize our lives! It needs to be interactive, with very simple, flowing interfaces. Ask us questions, ask us about our preferences, but also make suggestions:


“Would you like me to automatically find the dates on your photos and organize them based on events and similar time frames?” “Would you like me to use pre-determined tags and labels to help you sort through your documents and presentations?” “The majority of individuals in your profession opt-in for this type of service or process…”


Set up our ‘Google’ life online. I know you are dealing with a lot of legalities right now, but I KNOW you will pull through, I know you will win. You are doing the right thing. You have every right intention. Sure, you are getting richer by the minute, but you are doing the world a favor- you are streamlining everything. Ultimately, I can see how this will put us in a new technological age.


Sure, we are getting there, but we’re doing it slowly. More and more people are finding the joys of leaving their homework, assignments, work projects and more on google docs. We are finding it easier to simply leave your search bar as our home page- as you can launch any page or app or service we need almost instantly. But we still need a push. That extra *umph!* Make this available to a BETA group. Create clauses upon clauses, make us sign our life away to use it- I WANT to- I want to make sure that I am a part of a cleaner, more organized and streamlined world. I’m sure all of your staff does, too- in fact, most of the people out there who like computers, would be intrigued enough to learn about it. So, let us test it and send lots of feedback. Collect the data you need to truly help the rest of us!



Here’s the thing. This program will be TEMPORARY. Not that you would just shut it down. But it’s purpose is to simply organize, sort, label, etc- then move everything back to your servers- whether it be your music servers, your docs servers, photos servers, or whatever- the point is that this would be an on-boarding service. Once everything has been initially sorted and uploaded, your available services on the program would need to become much more restricted. Set limits, on what you can and cant upload. limit the number of things it will upload- this way, you can take advantage of that time to help TEACH the world- talk to us, show us youtube videos, move our mouse and show us how to use your services and live a GOOGLE life. create docs ON google docs, take photos with androids or cameras, but instead of using ‘iphoto’ or other programs…. simply open up and upload directly. teach us to use online services to buy or stream music, teach us to interact via email and chat and video conference- then- when your amazing program feels it has given enough lessons, that we are ready to spread our Googled wings, shut down access to your program- give us a ‘graduation’, mark our google plus account as ‘official googler’, let us all be proud that we have moved on to bigger and better ways of staying in touch and staying organized!


So this is my idea. I hope to be alive and well to see it happen!

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