Ice Cream Sandwich… Yummm!




11:00p EST- GOOGLE and Samsung have partnered to bring you the Galaxy Nexus!! Here are a few key highlights on the newest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich…





  • NFC is here to stay, not just for payments. ICS brings you Android BEAM- it’s like the application “BUMP”, but more diverse. You can now BEAM web pages, app locations in the market, videos, files, contacts- all instantly via NFC
  • As to be expected, the UI has received a much-needed face-lift, including the new Android font, “Roboto”, home screen improvements, notification bar upgrades, and more.
  • Apps home, now home to widgets too! No more long-pressing the home screen, selecting widgets, and waiting for the widgets list to load- simply click the Apps button, and select the new widgets tab at the top- now you can click and drag widgets to the home screen, just like apps
  • Face-Lock: no more silly patterns, or fumbling around on the keyboard to unlock your phone. Just smile and look pretty! You know your phone, now your phone knows you!
  • Unlock to Cam: Never miss another memory- slide the lock screen to the camera icon, and the camera app is loaded in an instant!
  • Taking photos has never been easier: Edit photos within the stock Gallery app, enjoy live special effects, take beautiful panoramic pictures, and share with your friends, instantly!
  • Multi-tasking, and task management? Built right in. No longer will you have to download 3 different apps to help you manage your apps- with the new multi-tasking feature, you can quickly view, switch to, and even end your recent and running apps
  • Stay in control of your data: See your data usage, based on your billing cycle- set reminders, and even data caps when you use too much! No more billing-cycle surprises!



There are many more features that are included with Google’s latest greatest, be sure to check them out!


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