Sprint’s taking on Verizon to be America’s second 4g LTE wireless carrier

As you are all well aware, I had quite the internal battle not too long ago. Do I stay committed to my cell-service partner of 3 years? Or do I leave to find bigger and better? Well I chose to stay. And it sure it paying off! Sprint and Google are nearly partners- they released the Google Nexus S, and partnered with Google Voice for a truly integrated user experience. They also endorsed Google Wallet, and have shown no intentions of blocking the service on our beloved Google flagship phones.



This little ad popped up on CNET’s website by mistake. The ad has since been pulled, but needless to say, this is definitely the work of Sprint’s marketing team. I’d say someone had a late night, and punched in the wrong release date with Google’s AdSense….



Introducing, Google’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, for Sprint!






Initially I was shocked that the Galaxy Nexus first went to Verizon, but then again, I’m glad Sprint didn’t get it so soon. There have been many bugs reported with the latest google handset, both hardware and software issues. It makes sense from Google’s standpoint- they’ve become such a large giant, that if they started favoring one carrier over another, things could get ugly. I’m also happy to not have a buggy version of Ice Cream Sandwich on the device I keep with me at all times….


I have a feeling Sprint is looking forward to proudly presenting their customers with a perfected flagship phone, ready to go on their speedier network.


Sprint officially announced they would be upgrading their network back in October 2011. They have since been working on upgrading their towers to be more energy-conservative, environmentally friendly, and most importantly- more flexible and organic when it comes to upgrades and network speeds.



Take a look at this! The new tower set up will be much cleaner, and more versatile. They’ll have  the ability to set up in a lot more places, and with less start-up cost.


You can check out Sprint’s network announcement HERE.

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