Apple Vs Android, Part II

Apple Vs Android

The war continues…   

Apple sure knows how to pack a punch, and Google seems to be lacking on their offensive line…

As you may or may not be aware, there is an EPIC WAR between Apple, Inc and Google’s Android mobile platform. There are hundreds of patent wars going on right now, while you sleep, and over the weekends. Attorneys from both sides are working tirelessly to end this. Google is on the defense, while Apple claims copyright infringement left, right, up, down and all over the operating system. I previously posted about how I chose the Nexus S in lieu of packing up and moving my ‘home’ in the internet world. Well. this decision is starting to reel back in. I have had the Nexus S since September of ’11. It is a fantastic phone, there is no doubt! But while all of my friends who drink the Apple Juice have become elated with satisfaction over their phones, I have received blow after blow of setbacks and disappointment.

Google announced in early 2011 that there were BIG changes coming. They would be introducing an Android OS that would be unmatched. “Ice Cream Sandwich”, it was dubbed: they choose delicious treats in alphabetical order to name their operating systems. They would be unifying the OS for tablets and phones alike, and would begin creating an all-encompassing plan to ensure that all new devices are supported for up to 1 1/2 years after release, so that customers aren’t left in the dust when new OS updates came out. They promised a cleaner interface, one that made more sense for a user to just pick up and use. They promised software that had quicker response times, and a facelift for the whole package, like the cherry on top. 

Google made these lofty promises, not as a company initiative, or to be a first for anything, but purely out of customer dissatisfaction. As their Android platform exploded, and the Android Market sales took off, they very quickly became aware that their reputation for the Android platform left something to be desired. They have publicly acknowledged they sell ‘the phone for nerds’: Those that are technologically savvy have no problem picking up a handset and figuring it out within a day or so, but for the average user, not so much. It takes a lot of learning, mostly by  trial and error. Google also became aware that their customers were downright ANGRY when it came to updates and support. This has been a hot topic for many android owners. You could buy the latest handset, only a few months before an android update, but you might never see that update on your phone. 

This was one of the main reasons I wanted to get my hands on a Nexus device, was for the guarantee that I would be among those that would receive the official OTA update from google, to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. They finally released Ice Cream Sandwich, but it was buggy and flawed. They actually STOPPED the roll-out to update Nexus S owners. Google started promising an update back in October ’11. It is now almost February ’12, and I STILL have not seen any word from Sprint or Google that the update is ready. 

Here are some of the reasons I decided to get the Nexus S, and stick it out with Android:


  1. The upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update
  2. Google Wallet
  3. My ‘Online World’ is on google- calendar, gmail, docs, music, photos (picasa), etc
  4. Promises of standardizing the OS updates


Here is where we’re at with these reasons:


  1. I STILL have not received an official ICS update. AND the hacked, working version Im using is still as buggy as gingerbread- it trips on itself, lagging and creating a frustrating user experience.
  2. NFC payments truly have a ways’ to go before they are really adopted for everyday use. It’s cool, dont get me wrong, but I really only use it to show off to other people at CVS.
  3. It’s really not THAT hard to move my stuff from Google to iCloud….
  4. Google has fallen through on all of these promises, with delayed OS updates, yet again, and a bumpy, inconsistent release to it’s customers.

Apple has had it right for so long. They send iOS updates simultaneously to their entire customer base. Should there be a true OS issue, it is addressed, and an update is usually sent within 2 to 3 months, max, but then the issue is fixed, and no one speaks of it again. Their features and software have been nothing but genuine, innovative, creative and industry-altering with every major release. They keep tight control over their software, and have an attention to detail that is unmatched. Sure, Google is coming up with a match for Siri, but will it ever be better than whatever Apple is brewing behind the scenes? No. Google is RESPONDING, while Apple is INNOVATING. 

I stand corrected, I have been one-upped, and I have Google minused. This year I will switch to iPhone. I mean, I should have seen this coming, now my MacBook Pro, Apple TV and iPad will feel more like a family…

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