iPhone 4S goes camping



For starters, before I could even start this blog, I wanted to pull some raw data. When you do a google search for ‘apple wiki’, you would think an ACTUAL apple would be the first wikipedia result. It’s not. Apple, Inc, is the first result.






The above figures are profits for the fiscal year of 2011 in billions of dollars. The first is Apple. The second is Google.


Google, the king of the web, who has ads on just about every single web page. They own youtube, blogger, picasa, google docs, google music, google voice, google chrome, chrome books… Oh and the whole Android ecosystem. One would think that with all of the products, and the various industries that Google has dabbled its hands in, the numbers up top would be in reverse.


This past weekend I went camping with my partner and my best friend. We went backpacking 5 miles in and spent one night- we had gorgeous weather! What really enhanced the trip was being able to track our trail using GPS on a map, take gorgeous photos, update our friends and family that no, we’re not lost, and yes, we are alive. it was great to get the weather updates, and track the storm clouds as they passed right on by!



I normally wouldnt even imagine being able to do any of those things on a camping trip.


For the sake of saving battery, you would keep your phone off in the event of an emergency and you needed your phone. My Google Nexus S would have run out of battery before we even got to the camp site. It would have locked up and froze a time or two if i wanted to take a photo. We may have even gotten lost when we went to try a shortcut on our way back to the car.


Whats sad is how poorly the android phones really run. Poor performance, low-quality apps, and the parts that make up an android phone come from every nook and cranny of the world. Now that’s really biased- there certainly are some quality android phones, but they are only considered ‘quality’ on android terms. Saddle it up next to an iPhone 4S: Pull up definitions with the sound of your voice, get directions on a google map or tom tom app, switch back and forth between a graphic-intense game and a phone call, and watch a youtube video- you’ll spend 30 minutes with a lot of errors errors and delays on an android, while the iphone seamlessly handles your every command- all while doing it smoothly, with the same, correct drain on the battery.


Using Apple products really does make you smile. Especially as someone who came from the android world. It still makes me smile just swiping through apps on the home screens- its so fluid, and so natural.



Apple just released their latest innovation- the redesigned iPad. It boasts a screen resolution that makes HDTVs look pathetic. The first words spoken in the introductory video on their site is the following:


“We believe technology is at its very best, when it’s invisible;  When you’re conscious only of what you’re doing, not the device you’re doing it with.”


I believe this is the most accurate way to describe success. When I was in Catholic grade school, I noticed a little sign in one of the Janitor’s little hallway closets. It read “You know you’ve done a good job when no one notices”.  It was a beautiful moment when I read it- Janitors are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of an office or other space. If you don’t notice them, or notice their work, or notice your trash can, or the carpets, or the windows… then they are doing their job well! Smelly waste baskets and hazy windows cause people to pay attention, which means your attention is on the wrong thing.


Apple products, although not the most glorious of comparisons, are like professional janitors. You can carry on, getting directions, staying in touch, sharing memories, being entertained, without even realizing you’re using a piece of metal with a glass screen.


Keep up the good work apple, you’ve got yourself another 100% loyal customer.





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