Virgin Mobile Vs Sprint Evo 4G Vs Sprint Nexus S Vs iPhone

Features vs cost, operating system vs operating system, corporation vs corporation, carrier vs carrier….

So many different options to consider when shopping for anything nowadays. It’s a particularly nerve-wracking decision when it comes to deciding on a cell phone. We carry our cell phones everywhere! Schools have become much more relaxed on cell phone policies- we’ve gone from banning them, to encouraging students to carry them- just on ‘vibrate’ or silent and away. We’ve gone from everyone having a house phone line, to just having cell numbers. The coolest privelage to have as a teenager was once having your own phone line in the house- now the cool thing is to have the latest greatest phone out there.

Before it was easy to pick a phone, you stuck with whichever provider was in your area, and you picked based on personal preference- “brick” phone or “flip” phone. Camera or no camera. Times have changed, and so have the deciding factors when buying a phone.

I have finally come to a consclusion on which phone I’d like to get. I’ve had Sprint since September 2007, and I’m coming up on my second 2 year renewal in a few weeks. There’s been an internal battle between prices, carriers, and oeprating system. You see, I own quite a few apple products, and I’ve very happy with my iPad, Apple TV, MacBook Pro, and the iPods I’ve gone through over the years. But when it comes to my handheld, I’m not sure I want to have the restricted operating system of iOS. I’m paying roughly $80/month for my phone now. I get very good coverage, with occassional bad patches for data. Customer service and in-store service has always been very friendly, which is encouraging to stay with the company, especially with other carriers getting such a bad rep for their lack of service.

My overall experience with Sprint has been a very positive one. They are the first carrier to receive the newer android devices. They have partnered with Google to integrate google voice, they continue to allow truly unlimited data, without siphoning or capping your data usage, the phone selection has continued to grow, especially with their recent business change to work more closely with Motorola.

My heart has gone out to Apple, but I feel so restricted on their devices. Sure, the operating system runs pretty smoothly, but most of the apps are not free, and they really do have a restricted hold on their consumers using their devices. Android has done nothing but grow and grow into a very smooth operating platform, and have significantly improved since the inception of the G1.

Now, Virgin Mobile was mentioned earlier. Vigin Mobile offers Android Data and talk plans starting at $35/month. $35!!– That is NOTHING for cell phones nowadays. Virgin Mobile has an excellent reputation as a sub-company under Sprint, and run off of the same network as Sprint. I would continue to have the same service coverage that I have now, but I would paying less than half of what I am paying Sprint. Virgin Mobile does NOT offer the latest phones, which would be a drawback, as I am very keen on having a solid phone to rely on.

To switch to iPhone, I would have to switch networks to either Verizon or AT&T. So either decent service but overpriced, or overpriced and crappy, capped-data service. Both companies do not like my credit score, so they would charge me a down-deposit to start a new line of service.

I have decided not to switch to iPhone. Another factor I considered, is Google’s involvement with the GLBT community. They recently published a Google Chrome browser commercial during an episode of Glee… let me tell you, I am an emotional person, but PLEASE, I have never cried from a COMMERCIAL… well, until this one. Links to come when i can access my home computer…

Google is all-around an awesome company. They are committed to being involved with their community, they work around the clock and around the world to provide a better internet experience for everyone- regular consumers, small businesses and even large corporations. They crank out new online services and products almost every day. They are creative and they are genuine. Because of Google’s core principles and their involvement with MY community, I have decided to go all-google. I am now using Google Docs for all of my documents- I have scanned my important personal paperwork, school work, proofs of purchases, receipts, tax refunds, you name it- I have scanned and uploaded it to Google’s servers. I am participating in Google Music Beta, and my entire music collection is currently housed on Google Music. I use Google+, the new social media venture that they are exploring (I will be shutting down my facebook in the near future). I am using Blogger of course, I use Picasa web albums, I use google calendar, and I have an android phone. Quite clearly, I am a Googler. With all of this in mind, why on Earth would I want to use an Apple product as my daily device?

So now that that’s out of the way- I am sticking to Android. I am also sticking to Sprint- for their consistent service coverage, their above-average customer service, and their affordable pricing. I’ve also been a loyal customer for several years, why change now?

With all of that said, how do you choose an Android phone that you will be ‘stuck’ with for at least a year, if not two? Well, I was debating some of Sprint’s latest greatest. There is the Evo 4G, the Evo 3D 4G, the Samsung Epic 4G, the Samsung Nexus S, and their latest, the Motorola Photon 4G.

Samsung Epic 4G is what my Mom has

HTC Evo 4G is what my sister and my grandpa has

The Evo 3D 4G has really new technology with the 3D imaging, and as cool as that is, I’ve played around with it in the store. All that extra bulk, between the 2 cameras for 3D, the larger camera button, the 2D/3D switch and all that- I don’t think the world is ready for the general public to be shooting their own 3D movies on their own yet. There isn’t a demand for it, and there isn’t enough general technology for it to be used on. People have barely had the chance to go into Best Buy and experience having a 3D TV or let that idea digest yet. I don’t know a single person in my circle of friends who even HAS a 3D TV. Plus, in this day and age, 3D wont matter until it’s brought to the personal computer. It also hurt my eyes a little. I felt like I was straining to focus when I was looking at the screen, and when I returned to focusing on the real world, I was blurry for a minute, so I don’t want to screw up my vision from looking at my phone…

As fast and cool as the Epic 4G without 3D is, it’s just a little bulky for me. It feels really solid in my hand, but it’s just too big I think. and it’s old news.

The Nexus S just seemed to become more and more attractive to me. It has this sleek, curved-glass design that is just the ultimate of modern. The user experience is PURE Google, so I would always have the latest Android features. It’s also only $99 with my 2-year contract renewal.

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