And the light at the end does indeed exist

It’s been a few years since I’ve been out of my parents house and been living in the “real world”. If there’s one thing I’ve really learned, it’s that life really, truly, is all about family. It’s about sticking together, sharing the happy moments, having a shoulder for the sad ones, laughing at the stupid things we do, and being loved. But I’ve also learned that “family” is a loose term.

Family doesn’t have to mean your parents and brothers and sisters. It doesn’t have to mean finding a late and raising children. It could mean you and group of your closest friends sitting around a table on a back porch, listening to music and playing college drinking games. It could mean the date you just finished that you’re still smiling from, and it could mean any combination of people you think of.

I’ve finally reached this point in my life where I’ve realized… I really am just like my parents. My mom could have gone off and become one of the governments best research analyst. Dad could be a partner for an accounting firm. We could have hous- no- ESTATES, on every coast of the US right now, but my parents gladly turned it all down to keep our family together, spend more time on trips to Canada and back, and be there for the baseball games, the classroom Halloween parties, and the choir rehearsals.

I don’t really have a strong desire, or at least a strong enough one, to go off and be at some snooty Ivy League school, or move to another state and try a new home. I just want to be here. I want to go to bed each night thinking about my awesome family and friends, knowing they’re thinking about me too. And I want to wake up each morning, feeling loved, and in turn, being able to give it all back- back to my friends, my family, my coworkers, and everything I do in life.

I want to grab coffee with my closest friends in the spur of a moment- it’s hard to do that when you dump your life for a school or to love somewhere else.

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