Recession Survival

Put some cash back into your pocket!

1) Drop cable or satellite.

This is my NUMBER ONE piece of advice. I want you to start keeping track of how often you actually turn on the TV and really ENJOY the service you are paying month after month for. Is it really worth it? And think about services like Netflix and HULU- limited or no commercials, and you choose exactly what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and those services are available on TV’s, phones, tablets, and the computer.

Instead of paying for cable month after month:

  • $99 will get you an Apple TV or a Google TV
  • $49 will get you a Roku box

Thats just a ONE time charge for the device itself, and then it’s YOURS. These devices each have great features individually, which I will break down and compare with a later blog. Also, most cable bills average around $100 to $150 a month! Shop around and see if there’s a smaller cable company in the area that will charge less if you just can’t give it up. If you do choose an alternative set-top box like Apple TV, Google TV or Roku, you will still need to keep internet service.

2) Car Loan?

Find out what your payoff amount is, then find out what your car is worth using you’ll have to decide for yourself if you will be able to get enough for your car to pay off your loan- and determine if there is enough left over to buy yourself a used car out-right, or weigh other options, like sharing a car with your partner, or getting a scooter, or using public transpo.

Something else to bear in mind, is that when a car is financed, you automatically have to maintain higher coverage on the vehicle. With a used car, you only have to maintain the legal minimum in your area/state.

3) Get a rice cooker

I have a whole separate post dedicated to Rice Cookers- they really will get you through anything, and save you a TON of money in the process.

4) Pimp out your extra space

Got an extra bedroom? An unused living room that will fit an air mattress? Try services like – which are also app-based in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. AirBnB was originally created so that there was a way to advertise an air mattress in someone’s living room was available to be rented out. Weary travelers, broke college students, and people new to town are all potential customers looking for a night or 5 to crash on something much more comfortable than the back seat of their car. Ask for $10 – $15 a night for your air mattress, and if you have a spare room, you could potentially have a temporary roommate helping out with your rent or mortgage.

5) Sell your shit

We all collect something at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s coins, maybe it’s pokemon cards. Whatever it is, with this day and age with the internet- your potential customer isn’t waiting to pay you 100x what they’re worth when you’re 50- in fact, more than likely, that ‘collector’s edition’ isn’t gonna be worth any more in 50 years, than it does now. So hit up ebay’s free listing specials, use craigslist or even Amazon. See what kind of responses you’ll get, and you could make a few bucks in the process.


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