The Survive-Anything kitchen gadget

  • Unemployment
  • School
  • Survive ‘The Dog House’
  • Natural Disasters**
  • Roommates
  • Living in someone else’s house

I wish I’d known about these amazing things years ago! I have been through periods of time when I didn’t have a dime to my name, and I went hungry until the next time I worked a shift at a restaurant. That’s one of the absolute worst feelings someone can go through, is hunger. 

Whether you’re going through it because you don’t have money to go out but no time to prepare food, or because you live in a dorm or someone else’s house and don’t have the tools or utensils to cook, or if you’re stuck in your car for a few weeks because your house has been flooded-


There’s one gadget that can prepare healthy, non-perishable foods that will provide the good carbs and lasting energy to get through your exams, to your next paycheck, and more.

The Rice Cooker.

Yes, that’s right, a rice cooker. Rice cookers aren’t just for rice! You can also prepare oatmeal, grits, other pastas, and steam veggies in a rice cooker. Of course, most dishes you make from one will have rice as the staple of the diet- but did you know that rice is naturally free of sodium and fat? It’s a good carb. And it’s extremely versatile! 

The rice cooker is a very simple and inexpensive device- you can pick one up for about $15 – $20! Still to this day I haven’t nailed down the art of cooking rice- I always end up overcooking, undercooking, or burning it. Rice cookers know exactly how long your food needs to be kept at the ‘cook’ temperature, versus the ‘keep warm’ temperature, based on the pressure or weight of the inner pot. They also require very little power- only a fraction of the power needed to heat up an oven or a stove. They fit anywhere, they’re portable (not battery-powered, but you can cook something and very easily bring it somewhere), and most of them have a non-stick surface on the inner pot, making it super easy to clean up, even if it sits for a few days! 

Before I lost my job, I was paycheck to paycheck. Now I’m last paycheck to the paycheck before…. But all I have to do now is pick up a few groceries every 2 weeks and I’m set.


Survival Rice Cooker Grocery List:

-Bags of rice (not the ‘Uncle Bens’ or any other ‘instant’ rice variety- just a plain ole’ bag of rice

-cans of beans- take your pick, red, pink, black, kidney- any will do, and all will cook nicely in a rice cooker with your rice

-small cans of tomato sauce. Feeling a little zestier? try any other pasta or cheese sauce. I’ve found tomato sauce to be the most economical, and it’s always tasty

-some herbs and spices


This is my basic, basic list. If you are hungry, and only have a few bucks to spare for food- this is what you NEED to get for yourself. Check out garage sales for rice cookers. There’s a lot of housewifes out there who like to unclutter their kitchen of un-used appliances. A rice cooker is often forgot about and under-used. You might be able to pick up a rarely-used, practically brand new one for $5!



Dorm rooms are small, kitchens are non-existent, time is non-existent, and I’m sure you’re tired of mcdonalds, pizza and taco bell… You can literally throw a bunch of ingredients into the rice cooker, set it to ‘cook’ and then forget about it. Go back to cramming for your exam. When it’s done, one, you’ll smell the yumminess, and two, it will automatically switch to ‘keep warm’ so you can eat it when you reach a good stopping point. Its so cheap to make meals with, and then the clean up is a breeze. They come with all the tools you need- usually a small plastic spatula, and even a steamer basket for veggies in some.




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