a beautiful dream

every now and again, my subconscious wakes up when I’m asleep, to remind me that I really do have a vivid and powerful imagination. I woke up this morning close enough to the end of my REM cycle to actually remember this dream. 

So the dream started with me feeling happy, and in a happy place psychologically. I had been speaking with Joshua Scherer, a Bank of America executive that I had the opportunity to meet in person several times. My memories of him are actually pretty fond. He’s young, probably late 20’s early 30’s. He was promoted up in the company fairly quickly, to a very high-commanding and high-pressure sales directing position. But he’s the type that would make actual visits to each of his centers in person, and played his guitar and sang silly songs in meetings to make work more fun. I admired that.


Anyways, in this dream, we had a conversation about how I was looking to get back in with the bank, and he actually did remember me personally, and talked about what a good job I did with a lot of the reporting and projects that he and I were a part of. With that positive note, I got the vibe that he might be able to help me.

Next thing you know, cuz you know how dreams are, I’m at my parents place. It’s just past dusk, so there’s a very low, violet kind of light, barely illuminating the night sky. I was helping my dad rearrange furniture in one of the rooms. There must have been new pieces purchased, because there was a mix match of styles, and there was just too much furniture for the room, and then it started raining. I looked out the back french doors, and the rain was hitting the plants like it does in cartoon movies- very heavy and direct. It was like I was in Alice in Wonderland… the entire backyard suddenly started to unfold. There were vines and plants and flowers everywhere. roses and tulips and birds of paradise began to just unravel themselves and open up to the down-pouring sky. 


Their colors were so bright and exotic. The light from dusk was just enough to see the reds and the oranges. There were flowers I had never seen before- some looked like the carnivorous kind you see in sci-fi movies- oversized, beautiful, but intimidating. Yet, I felt no fear. I was bathing in overwhelmed joy. It was like being a little kid and walking through a garden for the first time. 


Then something truly weird and magical happened. Some of the flowers that had been opening up, started looking like people. Girls, beautiful girls, rich in ethnicity and personality began forming from the unraveling blossoms. They weren’t babies, they weren’t quite adults, they were just calm and beautiful. They WERE the flowers. The petals with their exotic colors and fibers wrapped around them. One opened her eyes, and looked right at me. 


The dream went on, it was weird at that point. The flower girl came inside and met me and my mother. I needed a haircut, the flower girl somehow knew how to give haircuts- it was odd. That, and, before the flower girls came to life, or after- i dont really know because time and order in dream world seems to have it’s own sense of logic- I remember there was magically like a cheetah or tiger out of nowhere. I think that’s a direct cause of me watching ‘Life of Pi’. Not too sure. But there were also little miniature dinosaur skeletons dancing and hopping and running around on the ground- playing, essentially. I recall my mother feeling very protective over the mini dino’s, and crying out when the tiger/cheetah went to swipe at one. 

But when I woke up, all I could think about, what encouraged me to get up out of bed, was that beautiful garden. It was so exotic, so lush. The colors and exotic plants all made me feel so at ease. 

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