The Story of Creation

I am not a religious person. If I were to be, I would have to have something other than the Bible to reference. I would want something new, something fresh. Something that declares that if God Himself exists, and truly made us in his likeness, then why would we deny our ability to grow, learn, adapt, and blindly make decisions based on a book written 1000’s of years ago? The Bible, which is, after-all, a BOOK, doesn’t even read well. As a kid, I could read a Harry Potter book in a matter of days. Granted, the material is a little more interesting, but the way it read was easy. I don’t have any interest reading a book that includes things like heretofore, whereth, unto, etc etc etc. I don’t want to feel like I have to look up every other word to make sure I’m understanding what it’s getting at.


Secondly, I do not believe in a mysterious man, who looks like me, is floating up in a cloud with a white robe, a halo and angel wings is watching my every move. I believe this invisible man is what mankind has come up with as a way to represent our very own consciousness. We feel guilty when we do something wrong, and we feel good when we do something right- but we don’t understand why it feels good when it’s right and bad when it’s wrong. The idea of a built-in moral compass is hard to grasp, so let’s just say that it’s because of rules set by an invisible man…. right.


If I WERE to be religious, I would also have a problem with all of the LITERAL translations the Bible which, again, is just a book, sets forth and requires us to acknowledge. The invisible man did not create the universe in a week’s time. Sorry. I can’t accept that. I also don’t believe this invisible man split up the work into days- he created the water, he created light and dark, he created all the animals, he set them up in pairs…. no no no.


The story of how the earth came to be is a great little tale. It gets kids going, and ‘answers’ their life questions to satisfaction until they’re older. But now that we’re older, what else is there? All we have is this BOOK. And it has the same, damn, stories. There is no ‘adult’ version of creation. There is no modern translation on how to handle racism or sexism, or homophobia. There’s plenty of fables to go around, and theres one and two-liners that have such archaic terminology, that some people just take the words at today’s face-value, while others still debate and scratch their heads on what the true translation would mean for today!


I honestly don’t want to keep hearing about how bread was someone’s body, and wine was someone’s blood. That’s called cannibalism. Or, more popular these days, called being a Zombie. What I want to hear instead? Is how technology might eventually turn the human race- for better? for worse? Perhaps homosexuality could be explained? Or why AIDS and Cancer have become worldwide epidemics.


Is there a story that can help people who are the lower class understand if there really are government conspiracies? Do we need to rally and fight for the truth and for our freedom?


I want to be able to pick up a ‘Bible’, and feel like I can be assured, that I might find some answers.



Which is why the first bible ever existed. The human race will continue to go in circles, forever, and ever. We ALL have ADD, and our attention on good things will last only a short while before going to something bad. And then we’ll feel guilty and go good again, and then we’ll see something shiny on the Dark side and go bad again. We are free to choose between good and bad, light and dark. There will ALWAYS be those who choose dark. But there will ALWAYS be those that choose light.


There is no rationalization for us. You cannot rationalize existence, because existence is not a rational concept. There is no why or how or when. None of those questions can be answered. All we have is right now. We will always question the meaning of life, because the meaning of life is something we will never know.

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