Does not having money prevent us from reaching our goals?

I started this post with a different title, “If money were no issue”. I began listing off a bunch of real, attainable things that I want for myself, but feel like I can’t have, simply because my bank account doesn’t have a bunch of “0s” in FRONT of the decimal point. This is what I listed:

I would have a fabulous, chic and modern, but simply decorated bedroom/apartment

I would find a small and local yoga studio, and attend 3, maybe 4 classes a week in the mornings to get my day started

I would get a group of friends together every other sunday for a fabulous semi-weekly brunch

My wardrobe would be upgraded substantially

My hair would be styled by appointment, every 2-3 weeks

My oral health would be top-notch, and I would have adult braces, properly space out my teeth, and put in the appropriate implants

I would reduce my hours to part-time at work until I finished school. By finishing school, i mean a masters degree, at minimum.


To sum that list up:

  • Decorated Living Space
  • Regular yoga attendance
  • Brunch
  • Wardrobe Upgrade
  • Hairstyled
  • Oral Health
  • Reduce Hours, Finish School

As I finished writing the first list, I had a self-realization: Those things are all completely attainable, with or without millions!

Decorated Living Space: By following trends on pinterest, tumblr and utilizing good deals and clearances, you can decorate your apartment super cute, for super cheap!

Regular Yoga: I happen to have a membership to Equinox, and they have yoga classes pretty regularly… there’s no reason I can’t come up with a schedule for myself, even while juggling my shifting work schedule and school commitments

Brunch: There’s no reason I can’t start a brunch crew. Just getting people together for a meal doesn’t mean it will cost an arm and a leg. The hardest part of this is just getting the group together. It doesn’t have to be at a swanky place that will overcharge. And the venue itself could change.

Wardrobe: I work at Bloomingdale’s for crying out loud… I get a decent discount. Little by little I can upgrade my wardrobe until I’m satisfied, and then continue that trend to make sure I always stay on top of what’s in-fashion.

Hairstyled: You don’t have to pay $50 to get a good haircut- not for men anyways (sorry ladies…). There’s no reason I can’t find affordable barbers to go to, and then commit myself to following appointments to keep it looking sharp

Oral Health: Now this is really the most expensive wish list item. But just like with the others, if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish it. Staying with Bloomingdale’s long enough will allow me to get dental insurance, which will reduce the cost of what I need to get done. 

Reduce Hours, Finish School: I would love to be able to afford to be a full time student, and a part time worker. There may actually be a way to do that, if all financial aid kicks in.  

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