Another iPhone, another phone war

I think both Samsung and Apple products are great, each in their own ways. I have gone to Android on two separate occasions, and both times I loved the device at first, for being designed differently and with more hardware features. Android also allows your apps to access more of the kernal/base apps and databases, which gives more flexibility for data to be shared and accessed between different platforms. I have also owned Apple devices, and I find their performance to be more consistent since there is tighter control over what an app can and cannot do with your internal apps and data. Apple is without a doubt slower to the punch as far as newest latest greatest features, such as NFC, AC Wifi, and smart watches, but this goes hand in hand with the company’s proven attention to detail before selling it to the masses. You spend a lot of money in your phone, and monetary value aside, the information and utility it provides is priceless. We are reliant on these devices every day- they get us up in the morning, manage our appointments, handle day to day personal and business communication, handle our finances, and now even manage our health- so it goes without saying that these devices should be reliable. iPhones have had points in time where they’ve experienced all of these, but usually not for very long, as they quickly locate the source of the problem in the programming, and send out a software update. You might point out the complete fail with Apple Maps’ initial release, or the wonky iCloud issues we all experienced in the first year or two, but you have to bear in mind that Google had long had Google Docs/Google Drive in beta and then full release- they had YEARS over Apple before it went mobile. Google Maps of course had over a decade on Apple Maps. Just two years later, and Apple has all but corrected their mapping system, and significantly updated their remote storage servers for iCloud. I owned Samsung’s flagship, the galaxy S5, and had issues with battery, performance, load times, and software crashes- all major problems to have. I even had missed alarms because of basic software flaws- and that’s not something I’m willing to waste any more time than necessary risking.

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