Today I’m grateful for…

1)  Rediscovering how amazing, quick, and easy frozen vegetable dishes are…

Seriously, this shit’s delcious. And I think it cost $1. For realz.

2) Having a job to start on Monday

The ultimate job perk- BREADSTICKS!

3) Christine at AdvantageCare- she’s really doing her best to take care of me

On a side note, I wanted to take a moment and send my appreciation to Mike, my roommate and friend, who has been nothing but gracious and understanding since I moved to New York. He was open and welcoming to the idea of me replacing Clint, continues to stay interested in my day and asks how I am, is polite and considerate of me and my needs, and has been pretty rock solid through the topsy turviness of me losing my job. He’s even been encouraging and supportive with the job searching. I believe it was even his idea for me to try and apply at Olive Garden. So, Mike, I am very grateful for your support. Thank you.

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