Today’s Journal

Today was very up and down. I was anxiously awaiting the results of my interview from Wednesday with AdvantageCare through the temp agency. I called Christine with the agency at about 8:30, and luckily she not only answered, but already had spoken with Katherine who I interviewed with. Unfortunately, I was not selected for the job. Christine had initially told me there were two slots available, but there was actually only one, and someone else got it. Most unfortunate. This depresses me simply because the job would have paid just enough for me to possibly slide by for rent by the 1st. That will be much more difficult to swing now.

So off I went, getting my day started, showering, dressing, etc, and I headed over to Olive Garden. Andru asked that I swing by before the restaurant opened at 11 to do some new hire paperwork. He was SWAMPED! I really need to keep that in mind if and when I am working there how incredibly crazy busy he is. That went well. We just breezed through it when he wasn’t juggling a billion other things with opening the place for the day.

I left feeling pretty good. I felt encouraged again that Olive Garden could be an alright place to be for the time being. I headed over to the mall and picked up some non-slips and 2 black long sleeve shirts to hold me over for a while. By this time I’m pretty starving, and head back to the apartment. It’s roughly noon. As I’m walking up to the building, my phone rings, and it’s Christine. She seems a bit excited, and she starts asking me how I’d feel about a position working in a front desk. I’d be working with patient intake, data entry with all their information, appointment scheduling, answering phone calls, etc. Doing all that, the more she talked about it, the more I liked it. I definitely do well working with people, and it sounded like I’d have plenty to do throughout the day. We carried the conversation as I rode the elevator to the 6th floor, and I sat down in front of my macbook to go over the job location, training, and pay. $16 an hour, how cool! I told her that’d be great.

Unfortunately, my hopes were up to be let down. She called back a couple hours later apologizing, saying that there were no open positions. Kinda makes me wonder why she would bring it up with me at all, with a separate call and all that…

So for the remainder of the day I finished putting away laundry, cleaning dishes (again), straightening up the apartment, etc etc.

Today was actually pretty productive. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff, sorted through my mail and paperwork- I even did the stupid loan exit counseling so that Univ of Phoenix will leave me alone. The roommate got home around 7 or so, and we caught up a bit. He’s very excited for his new job, and I’m pretty excited for him too. He hasn’t had the best line up of jobs in the last couple years. I imagine a lot of good things are coming his way with this company. I chatted with Bruce for a while tonight too. He’s so sweet. I really enjoy talking to him. I found out he actually has two kids, he was tight with Joan Rivers, was in a movie, and is an artist from time to time. There’s a certain amount of raw honesty that comes from him that just makes me smile. I don’t feel like he is hiding anything, or like I have to hide anything from him. I guess we’ll see if we go anywhere with what’s between us.

Aside from that, I’ve been continuing to upgrade my castle/clan whatever on Clash of Clans, my farm is doing fabulous on Hay Day, and I’m down to the last episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl :-/

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