New Year, New Me


I always chuckle when I see this gif pop up on my timeline! It’s funny on the one hand, but on the other, I think it brings light to something thats pretty important for people to take seriously. Progress can not happen without change, and improvement can not happen without that change.

It’s almost 2015. I’m 25, and I’m closer to 30 than 20, which is weird. We just passed the holidays, times of joy and celebration with the people we care about and love the most. I’m excited for the many changes that are in progress, and I’m looking forward for what will come of them. My incredible parents are in Chattanooga, TN, and are about to embark on the biggest life change they’ve had in a long time as they begin their many journeys behind the wheel of the biggest vehicles on the highway. In their absence, my brother Chris and I are managing the household, with Chris managing J&K Novelty. I’m still a bit up in the air career-wise. I had my hopes up for a position with USAA, but that avenue came to a dead end, even after a formal interview. I am lucky to still have a great job with the Birchwood downtown, working in the Canopy lounge.


I love you Mom & Dad! I’m so proud of the both of you. You took a huge life challenge, faced it head-on together, and walked out the other side with flying colors with smiles on your faces! I’m excited for all the adventures you’ll share and the places you’ll get to see 🙂

I still have another opportunity that is slowly blossoming in front of me, with the newly-formed partnership with Rebecka and her consulting firm, Securis. I say partnership because she’s entrusting me to join her small team as they begin to grow and develop, hopefully with exponential speed, to become one of the largest hospitality technology firms in the state. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot of hard work to put in. I feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen to be a part of this transition, and hope my skills and experience will serve me, and the company well. I will be balancing between their site-jobs and Birchwood hours for a while. I hope to be brought on full-time with Securis sometime in the first part of 2015, but until then I still get to work at the hottest spot in downtown St. Pete.

Finally, I do have a New Year’s Resolution:

To Be Happy.

It sounds super cliché, I know, but it’s true. I want to find happiness internally, and let it shine externally. I’ve been riding on my youthful naivety for so long, that I haven’t really put in the effort or hard work to maintain healthy relationships, positive long-term habits, or given myself much personal discipline. Being closer to 30 than 20 is eye-opening. I’ve had a lot of jobs, but no career. I’ve been to school a lot, but only have 6 credits to my name.  Ive been on lots of dates, but no one by my side for the long-haul. There’s been  a lot of attempts and plenty of disappointments in my past, but I don’t hold any regrets, because I don’t believe regret is an emotion or feeling worth having. I am grateful for all of the learning opportunities life has given me, and hope to fine-tune them as best I can.

I hope everyone I’m surrounded by in life has had a great year in 2014, and I am hopeful for a fun, prosperous, and happy new year with all of you!

1 thought on “New Year, New Me

  1. Aww so nice Ricky! And so full of truth! We are proud of you!! Love you kiddo!!!


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