Just a little bit…. Just a little bit…

Man, I can’t believe i have to blog about this, but here goes!

Two weeks ago, some friends of mine made dinner plans for our friend’s birthday. My boyfriend and I have been a little tight on cash lately, and have been putting in extra hours with our jobs. Our friends have typical 9-5 kind of jobs, so Saturdays and Sundays are when they tend to plan their events. I’m in hospitality, and my boyfriend drives for Uber, so Saturday nights are what pay our bills. We wanted to meet up, but the restaurant they picked was honestly not our favorite, and also very over-priced. The reservation time was not good either, because we both wanted to squeeze in some hours that night. So we told them that we had to work, but would love to meet up afterwards and  at least have a celebratory cocktail. They told us they planned to go to one of our usual hole-in-the-wall bars afterwards, which worked out great because it’s pretty cheap, and we usually have a pretty good time there.

So Saturday night rolls around- I wait my tables, Chris drives his car, and we both ended up having a slower night than we anticipated, but we both agreed it’s better to be spending time making money than spending money. Their dinner reservation was at 7:45, and we were both done by 9:30. Chris and I met up, grabbed a light dinner at our little cafe, grabbed some ice cream, and started heading towards the bar. On the way there we thought it’d be best to call and make sure our timing was right. We figured, 2, 3 hours was plenty for a group of 6 to be in and out for a birthday dinner. So we call, and they let us know they’re still at the restaurant, but that they were planning on moving on to a different bar- one that was closer to them, and across town from us. So, we both look at each other and exchange exasperated smiles…. we drive over to the interstate, into downtown, find parking (which is always a challenge on a Saturday night), and casually walk over to the bar they said they’d be at. A quick call to them and we find out that they are STILL at the restaurant, which is only 2 minutes away from downtown.

We head over to The Ale and The Witch, one of our favorite craft beer bars downtown, only a few blocks from the bar they wanted to meet at. We peruse the menu, have a few samples, and pick out a Key Lime beer. We NURSE those beers for a solid 45 minutes, all the while chit chatting, and glancing at our phones, waiting for a text or call to let us know they’re done, or that they’re heading our way, or some kind of indication that they care to meet up.

Nothing. And it’s now nearly midnight.

So, we finish our beers, and I send a text to the birthday girl letting her know that we wanted to meet up, but were sorry that it didn’t work out. Then texted another member of the group to simply say we’re sorry it didn’t work out tonight and to have fun.

and that was that.

It just boggles my mind how people can be so inconsiderate and rude. Chris and I went out of our way to make sure we were in the right places at the right times. We reached out multiple times to try and make it work, just to be completely ignored, without a single courtesy, without a single heads up on what was going on.

1 thought on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Sounds like maybe the term “friends” is a little too generous. Sorry that happened but glad you had Chris by your side.


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