Sooooo over working in this industry. Yeah there’s definitely two kinds of people- considerate, and rude/stupid. Rude/stupid people stand in the way while you are holding a giant tray of plates food in one hand, with a tray jack in the other. Rude/stupid people also move back to where they were standing, in your way, after you’ve passed… As if you’re never going to need to get by there again. Rude/stupid people ask the random person they’ve never seen before who brings them their food for drinks/extra napkins/take a picture of them, even though that person is CLEARLY not their server, and OBVIOUSLY has a different job.

Nice/considerate people, thank you for recognizing the importance of your service staff getting in and out of your table quickly, since you’re not their only table. Nice/considerate people, thank you for being aware of your surroundings, and moving out of the way as servers carrying large trays loaded with drinks and/or food walk up, without us even asking.

Rude/stupid people, if you want to get shit-canned drunk out in public, that’s your business, but it’s not an excuse not to tip your hard-working servers. Tipping less than 20% literally takes money out of their pocket, as they have to tipout a percentage of their sales, regardless of their customers’ tips, to the support staff who make your drinks, deliver your food, and clean up your mess.

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  1. In my personal experience, restaurant work and the service industry in general serves the purpose to spur those on who can and will to more meaningful jobs.Hope that’s you!! ❤


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