Tomorrow is a new day

today I went through some negative emotions. A lot of it all had to do with money. It really sucks to be so stressed out, esepcially over something as trivial as money, but the world can’t seem to turn without it, and that’s the hard truth.

I’m excited to begin my new journey with SquareMouth. With a hard date set, and so soon, I feel secure and reassured that I’m making positive steps to improve my life. I know the pay rate will be an adjustment. I’ve been living off Server pay and cash for so long, but I think it’s made me stronger financially. Budgeting and only spending g what I know I can should work out well, esepcially with how I set up direct deposit.

Some of my goals with this new chapter in my life:

-eat clean and healthy: no more binging out in fast food or unhealthy options.

-regular routine, and include regular workout routine; with my new, structured work schedule, I’ll have weekends off, and work 5 days in a row. This will force me to reset my routines throughout my life and Lifestyle. I’m hoping toincorporate going to the gym as part of that.

-save money: this is a big one. Again , with direct deposit set up the way I requested, I should slowly start to see funds trickle into savings, and my brokerage account.
– do the things that make me happy: if I want to go to a concert, get involved with a social group, participate in an event, or even just hang out and smoke weed with a buddy, I want my life to be in a position where I don’t hold back because I’m holding on to every penny for a bill, or can’t go because I have no idea when or if I’m working. I am really looking forward to being able to say yes to more people, but for myself.

Saying yes to me:

I’m tired of saying yes to other people, just because I don’t want to hurt feelings, or because I feel obligated. If I don’t want to take someone somewhere, or do something with them, I shouldn’t feel any pangs for saying no, and I schools to be made to feel guilty about it either. Obviously, there are things worth doing for other people, and special consideration should be taken where it’s needed, but I shouldn’t be so willing to drop my own needs and wants at the drop of a hat simply because someone else is focused on theirs.

Fight. This needs to be my new life-mantra. I need to become a fighter. Fight for what I want, fight for what I believe in, and fight for the people I care about. No one else will fight on your behalf, except maybe your mom- but even then, there are many fights that you have to have on your own, because part of winning it, is doing it yourself.
I’m ready for tomorrow. I know you shouldn’t sit back and rely on some kind of change, or job, or person, or any other outside reason to start something new or make a change, but in this case, I think I’m doing the right things and taking the necessary steps. I’m ready to lead my own life, take charge, and really let my true talents and personality shine.

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