Reflections on Paris

A terrible and devastating series of events has unfolded in the world recently. It’s truly terrifying. Terrorist attacks started in Paris, and spread to several other global locations. There’s a lot of media coverage right now about Syrian refugees and various countries’ willingness to take them in, and there’s coverage about what it means to be Muslim and the difference between Islam and Muslims and terrorism. 

I don’t see why the US would ever turn away refugees from any country. We ARE the refugee camp for the world. When we were persecuted for our religion, we came to the US. When we were told whether or not we could keep our children, we came to the US. When we were told who we could and could not love, we came to the US. 

This country is founded on the principle that all people are created equally, and there is a pretty solid definition of what every human has a right to, in order to pursue their own dreams and happiness. No one should be given power of who can and cannot get in on that kind of freedom. 

Right now, Donald Trump is a republican presidential candidate, who is quick to talk about shutting off immigration, exporting illegal immigrants, and finding ways to make our boarders into walls. If anything, we should be finding ways to make the immigration process easier for all people, and looking at how we can expand our boarders,  instead of closing them off. Imagine that- a country that constantly fights for the good of all people, that makes room for more instead of kicking others out. 
Just a few random thoughts about today’s current events. 

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