Realign, Recenter, Refocus

I firmly believe there is never a point in life where we ‘get there’, or can coast. There is no such thing as auto-pilot in life. Sure, tasks and jobs and outings and traditions can become easier with more practice, we can fine-tune skills, and memorize lines- but the journey that is life itself can not be programmed or turned to an automatic setting. Therefore, in order for us to get where we want to go, we have to set trip plans, set our destinations, and prepare for the road ahead.


It’s time for me to do that again for myself. I’m back in the swing of working full time, and for a company that appears to want to keep me around for a little while. Now that the dust has shaken off a little bit, and the holidays are upon us, its imperative that I stop spinning my wheels, and act a little more organized.


Something that’s really helped me in the past is a dream board. Mine aren’t too elaborate or crazy though. It’s more of a visual representation of what my goals are, to be a reminder when I get up in the morning what my focus should be, so that I can prioritize where my energy and time is used.


So let’s talk about what exactly my goals are.

First and foremost, I need to ensure financial stability.

I wouldn’t have spent so much energy on getting a full time job, or interviewing, or handing out resumes, etc etc etc if this hadn’t already been an important goal of mine. Now that I have the vehicle to get me there, I need to make sure I keep the motor humming and my oil topped up.


Goals at work are easy. I don’t have to spend any time laying those out and figuring out how to get where I want to go there, because they do that for me. So long as I can keep my work/home life balanced and make sure home life doesn’t interrupt work life and vice-versa, I should be fine.


One of the main factors in ensuring success at work, is getting to work. Without punctuality and an actual vehicle to get to work, it would be very difficult to keep my job, and accomplish the rest of my goals.

The Honda needs a transmission rebuild. It’s crap timing, with my insurance being up for renewal, and the holidays literally a few weeks away… I’ve already figured out the best course of action though. For the time being, I have the incredible option of using the Bonneville for a little while. So I’m able to get to and from work until I can afford  a new transmission for my car… (“All I want for Christmas…” lol) In the meantime, $1200 is my renewal quote with esurance. That’s a crap-load of money to come up with!

I did cancel my overtime on my days off… probably not the best plan, but I needed the chance to really sort through my options, call around to different insurance brokers, and find out what exactly my options were. Honestly, the BEST option is to get the transmission rebuilt to keep my insurance at the low-low rate of $1200. If I were to get a car that required financing, my insurance would nearly triple. Yes, that’s right, it would be over $3000 to insure me with a financed vehicle, and keep the mandated levels of coverage thanks to my stupid decision a few years ago.


So, that being said, I’m going to do what it takes to just do my renewal, temporarily drive the Bonneville, and get the Honda fixed.

I have a repayment plan in place for rent, where auto direct deposit is occurring for mom and dad, and I of course have my regular bills and utilities at the house. We’re behind on the electric, which means, instead of paying the lower bill amounts because of the cooler weather, we’re still paying off higher bills from running the AC.

I do have a few other things going on- I’m selling my iPhone 6 which will hopefully bring in a few extra hundred bucks, I’m selling my Nest thermostat, I have a ton of overtime coming up, and I’m also really hoping  that I can move around some payment dates with the other bills so that I can pay my insurance premium before 12/05… I’m cutting all of this really, really close….




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