Consistently Living

I feel pretty strongly that there’s a lot of different ways your life can unfold in front of you. There’s a lot of things we can’t control, but our decisions on a day in and day out basis make up a solid chunk of the outcomes we achieve. Developing patterns, and creating consistencies is key to any success story- that’s how businesses like Walmart and McDonald’s are so successful. You know exactly why to expect every time you do business with them, good and bad. The bad doesn’t seem so bad because it’s expected, and the good isn’t uniquely celebration-worthy either, but you go because you can have an urge or craving and have it fulfilled without question.

The same applies to lifestyle choices- being healthy, staying active, doing well at work, making friends, keeping friends, relationships in general- no one is perfect, so no one expects you to be, but if you can creat your own personal flavor of consistency, then you can stamp out your own recognizable “brand” with everything you do. If you’re always late to your friends gatherings, then no ones feelings are hurt, you’re just “the late one”. If you always workout and post a lot of gym selfies, then that’s okay, because you’re the fit one, and that’s just what you do. At work, if you constantly gab and gossip, well, sure you’re an HR nightmare, but everyone always knows to look to you for the latest info. 

I’m trying really hard to improve my own consistencies. What’s really fun about this, is that I’m my own person, and can define what I think is consistent. I might not go to the gym every day, or every week, but if every couple of weeks I get “into” the gym and burn off some caloric buildup and build a little muscle here and there, then at least I’m consistently quasi-healthy. And I’m okay with that. The more I accept who I really am, and what my truths and facts are, the sooner I can get to acknowledging what I am and am not proud of, and make the adjustments needed to improve my level of pride with myself in the future. As long as I keep moving in the right direction, I don’t think it matters how long it takes. Life is a journey, and this one is mine, so I can take whatever shortcuts, scenic routes and pit-stops I want along the way.

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