Capital One

In the last 2 years, I have been maintaining a secured credit card from Capital One. I have to say, the more I’ve used my card, the more pleasantly surprised I’ve been all-around with them as a company. Customer service is always really friendly. If I’m a few days past my grace period, I usually can have my late fees forgiven. And on top of everything else, their app is a DREAM. Talk about some innovative and highly-detailed developers- you get push notifications regarding account activity, and you get “second look” on transactions that have post-dated tips. I tend to be a heavier tipper having worked in hospitality, so it’s not uncommon for me to leave $10 on $30. Capital One will send a “second look” push notification just to make sure there wasn’t any funny business at the restaurant, which I think is a pretty cool feature! 

I actually had the unfortunate experience not too long ago with a pizza guy deciding to pencil in a $10 tip on a $15 order. This was with my debit card, and it took a few days to figure out that that’s what happened. After I started using my capital one card more and those second look notifications would roll in, I now have the preference to use a capital one card for transactions that involve delayed tips posting! 

I also really enjoy the simple fact that if I leave my card somewhere by mistake, I can just open the app, and turn on or off the card, preventing or allowing new activity.

In addition to all this, they’re fully-integrated with Apple Pay, so shopping online and at stores with tap to pay readers, making purchases is really easy. 

They also include their Credit Wise credit score tracking service for free. I used this to clear up a few old debts, and it was recommended I look into refinancing my car. I’m really glad I did! Capital One approved my refinance request, saving me $2500!

I feel really empowered and encouraged to get my financial health back up to par again, especially since Capital One is providing me with the tools I need to monitor my credit, and options on what I can do to get myself to the next level. 

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