I ended up paying for the official Meyer’s-Briggs personality test. I’ve always been a bit curious if there was a “handbook” that could help guide someone along down whatever path they are on in life. I found the results and personality descriptions to be almost creepy as to how accurate it was! 

E: Extroversion: I gain energy when I’m with people, but of the extroverts, I’m minimalist- so I still need time by myself to re-center and focus myself. 

N: Intuition: Rather than “sensing”, I prefer to use my intuition when learning or observing. I’m all about the whole picture, in lieu of getting caught up in smaller, minute details. This parlays into the next letter- 

F: Feeling: I prefer to “feel” than think- meaning my decisions take longer, and include considerations for the future, instead of making concrete decisions for the here and now. I also tend to include emotional considerations of not just myself, but others when I make decisions or changes in my life. This is even true when taking on a new job. I’ve always recognized my bell curve- I take time to take in and process, often including others’ perception of me while learning, but once I have my “aha!” moment, it’s all over, and I move upwards and onwards from there on out…. until I get bored.

P: Perception: The alternative to judgement. Judgemental people tend to be very decisive. They know what they want, when they want it, and how- and I sometimes perceive this to be careless or inconsiderate of others- but this only reinforces my tendency towards perception. I on the other hand keep options open and flexible- always looking to the “What If” scenarios. I try to look ahead and consider all outcomes, stepping out of the specific situation to look at the big picture first. I’ll consider how a decision or action could affect or be perceived by others, and after weighing all the options first, then and only then can I choose to go with the best option available. 
I find this whole personality test to be quite informative and educational, like I can look back at decisions I’ve made and interactions I’ve had, and have a little more insight into my inner workings. 
If you want the OFFICIAL MeyersBriggs personality test, be prepared to cough up $50. However, there’s also a free site that is still very accurate. I took them one after the other, and both sites pointed to the same result for me. For the free version, head over to 16 Personalities. For the official test, head over to MBTI Online.

16 personalities has a pretty cute results page I have to say- they have color-coded characters that represent each personality type, and they have a fairly detailed description of how you interact in different ways- at work, in relationships, friendships, and more. Definitely worth a quick look if you’re not sure a personality test is worth $50. 

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