My Invisalign Tips and Tricks

Here are my best tips and tricks for maintaining your Invisalign!

1) Cleaning Wipes

You'll be advised of different rinses and things you can do to keep your trays clean and bacteria-free. I've learned that carrying around a container to do the rinses, waiting the 5 or so minutes for the solution to take effect, then putting them back on takes a lot of time, and it's a lot to carry with you on the go. I recommend these Dental Appliance Cleansing Towelettesthat you can find on amazon- and trust me, you will use them, and you will need all 3 boxes- keep one at work, one on your bathroom counter, and use the 3rd box to refill your on-the-go-kit!

2) Soaking Bath

On occasion, you'll want to give your trays a good cleansing soak, instead of just wiped-clean with those awesome towelettes. Having a good soaking bath container will make all the difference. I found one at my local walgreens for about $5, and they come in a couple colors! I chose yellow, because the soaking solution I found starts off a blue-color, so it's good to see when the blue is gone, as that indicates that the soak is finished (usually about 5 minutes).

3) Soaking Solution

Speaking of soaking solution, here's the stuff i use: Fresh Guard Soaking Crystals. I buy one 24-pack at a time. I find the towelettes much more convenient, and I soak my trays maybe twice a week. The packets are those skinny-tube packets, so you can pack a few with you for on-the-go if you want.

4) Carry Case

As you can tell, you'll be carrying around a few more things than normal. I started using a pencil case from walgreens that cost abut $2, and fits everything i need for my Invisalign

5) Travel toothpaste

This is probably pretty obvious, but you'll be brushing your teeth on the go a lot- find your favorite toothpaste's travel version either in walgreens or on amazon!

6) Sparkling Water

Your orthodontist will tell you about 10 times before you leave with your first set- nothing but water with your trays on! Well guess what, sparkling water is just fine too! Many brands of sparkling water have no sugar, but they make a HUGE difference, especially if you're a soda drinker fighting cravings. My favorites are La Croix and Zephyrhills Sparkling

That's all I have for now, I'll continue to edit this post as I find more hacks and tricks for Invisalign!

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