Is all the Trump Presidency satire adding-to or detracting-from the severity of what’s happening in America?

Today I saw on Twitter that a teaser-trailer for a Family Guy episode mocking Trump went viral. As I debated wasting a few minutes of my time watching it or not, I got to thinking- this is now normal. American’s now EXPECT to grab a few laughs about the latest drama from our White House. At first, it was a breath of fresh air- we aren’t alone or crazy in thinking that our current political situation is an absolute sh*t show! But now, as 2019 moves into full-effect, it’s a different kind of feeling. The drama, the lies, the dodged questions- it all just feels… normal. And I am disgusted by this. But is the normalization of current politics completely on me for trying to go about my life?

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I recall election night, 2008- when it was clear that Barack would be our next president, there were literal tears of joy! There was Hope, there would be Change, there would be Progress, and America would see those things materialize. Despite GOP’s crude attempts to win by knocking down and belittling Barack, he won with continued messages of change, equality, and more progress.

Still capture of Trump and Peter Griffin on Family GuyStill of Trump and Peter Griffin. I do not own the rights to this image. Link to source embedded in image.

2016 took all of that away. By the end of that fateful election night, what I experienced wasn’t the same as watching your team take a loss. It doesn’t equate to disappointment, or even a little hurt. It was more like a, ‘well f*ck. What are we going to do now?’ kind of moment. I didn’t speak to anyone the next day. I was a mixture of depressed, anxious, and scared for our future- I was in shock. Each day got better, though. He wasn’t sworn-in yet. And there were still plenty of items already in motion by Obama that would carry through. It would take a while for Trump to actually change or undo the progress our country had made.

But here we are. Change is coming. He’s willing to shut down our government over border walls. He’s willing to look the other way when would-be American’s are captured, objectified in the media, and then sent back to the dangers of which they came. What’s more, is while he throws his temper tantrum about his wall, the border we should be concerned about- security in our airports, is at its most vulnerable, with the highest rate of call-outs TSA has yet to experience. He’s shown he’s not willing to be open or honest, or have a fact-based conversation. And he’s a criminal.

So why isn’t there more outrage? Well. I feel TV doesn’t help. You might try to do the right thing by tuning-in to press conferences, or by watching the latest coverage in politics. But after a while, you have to move on with your life. You have a job, you have kids, you have pets, you have homework, you have dinner plans, friends to meet up with, and other shows you prefer to watch. But what’s happening on those other shows is something that I think detracts from our current situation- they make us FEEL BETTER about it all. Shows like SNL and Family Guy are making it easier to stomach our political situation by allowing us to laugh and smile. And in nearly any other scenario, I’d say laughter is the best medicine- but is it the right prescription for this ailment? Personally, I don’t want to NOT be angry about where this country is at. I don’t want to ‘feel better’ about how I’m being represented. Or how international affairs are being handled. I want to be upset, and I want to fuel my fires for change and action. The only reason I should let my shoulders down and relax, is when there’s real reason to do so.

So, as an open-letter to the TV writers in this country, when it comes to political satire and taking a comedic approach to our government: Please Stop. We need to be angry and unsettled about what’s happening, because numbing the pain only makes us more complacent.

What are your thoughts? Do you think a little laughter is necessary to cope with our current presidency? Do you feel that the portrayer comedy numbs us, reducing motivation to take action? Mixture of both? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment here on WordPress, or on social media. ✌🏻

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