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All About Presidential Alerts

Since I work for a major wireless corporation (you know, the BEST one…) I figured I owe people in my life a little education on the Presidential Alert system that sent a test alert today. There’s a lot of feelings … Continue reading

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Data Privacy

Data Privacy- it’s a hot topic. But what exactly do these tech-giants know about us? How does Apple stack-up? Is your data really safe? Continue reading

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Self-Doubt and Confidence

Second-guessing, self-doubt, double-backing, re-thinking- they all point to the same thing…. check out my post to read more! Continue reading

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How (and more importantly, why) I left FaceBook

Hi! You’re probably reading this for a very simple reason: The link to this site is the last post I made.
But…. Why?
There are many, many reasons. The first and foremost? Health reasons. Yes, that’s right, health reasons. I wanted to go on by rationalizing that no, it didn’t cause some kind of disease, but the truth is, it kind of did. Check out my post to read more. Or don’t 🤷🏻‍♂️✌🏻😄 Continue reading

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Hurricane Preparedness

Hi everyone! Are you #IrmaReady? As of this posts’s latest update:– Irma is a category 5, with sustained winds of 185 mph, + gusts reaching over 200mph. – Irma is definitely going to bring devastating winds and storm surge to … Continue reading

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Blue Apron: First Thoughts

After getting our first box from Blue Apron, Mark and I thought we’d share our experience! Continue reading

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Google Contacts, Gmail, iCloud, iCal, does it matter?

Google, Gmail, Google Docs, iCal- does it all matter? Continue reading

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